Why are there so many cosmetic surgeons?

Cosmetic surgery Dr. 90210Well, one reason is that primary care physicians are being financially squeezed out of practicing their profession. There’s a good post at KevinMD on how physicians are responding, along with an acknowledgment of this sad truth in the comments. The post is called “Primary care physicians are rebelling against the system.”

Here’s one comment that explains why more doctors are doing cosmetic surgery:

Great article, I agree this is a quiet and insidious rebellion. I found myself dropping one insurance after another, adding more and more cash based ancillaries, until my practice is now 99% cosmetic (botox, laser, etc.) and 1% internal medicine. My next decision is whether to bother spending the time and money to recertify in internal medicine this year. I probably will not. Sad situation for medicine in America, but the reality for most of us.

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Robert Centor, MD, Primary care physicians are rebelling against the system, KevinMD, March 6, 2011


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