Cosmetic surgery for your pet

Frequently asked questions about Neuticles, testicular implants for dogs, cats, horses, or “any pet which is neutered.” The logic: “Would he know if his foot was cut off?”

Why Neuticles?

Why not? The 207 year-old traditional form of altering used on family pets includes the permanent removal of the pet’s testicles. Many caring pet owners hesitate or even to [sic] refuse to neuter their pets because of this. Neuticles eliminates ‘neuter-hesitant’ concerns – as a ‘Neuticled’ pet looks exactly the same after surgery. With Neuticles its [sic] like nothing ever changed!

What’s the difference between NeuticlesOriginal, NeuticlesNatural and NeuticlesUltraPlus and NeuticlesUltraPLUS with Epididymis?

NeuticlesOriginals are crafted from FDA medically approved polypropylene homopolymere which is nonporous and rigid in firmness. NeuticlesNatural are solid silicone – not gel filled or saline filled but a solid rubber-like material that replicates the pet’s testicle in firmness once implanted. Neuticles UltraPLUS is the latest in solid silicone technology and feels almost like its’ [sic] liquid filled – but is still solid silicone. In addition, the UltraPLUS features a special ‘textured exterior’ which eliminates the risk of scar tissue development. Neuticles UltraPLUS with Epididymis restores pets to anatomical preciseness. It is for pet owners who wish to have their previously neutered, monorchid or cryptorchid pets restored to anatomical preciseness.

Neuticals to replace testicles in neutered dogs

Aren’t Neuticles really just cosmetic surgery?

Neuticles go far beyond ‘cosmetic surgery’. Each day we receive calls or emails from delighted pet owners telling us in one way or another that “I would not have neutered had it not been for Neuticles.” As a result, pet owners are not only helping to control pet overpopulation – but now have a happier, healthier pet which will live a longer life.

My vet said my dog wont [sic] know that he’s missing anything. Is that true?

People know their beloved pet. Their pet can tell them when they are hungry, want to play, don’t feel well, hide when approaching the vet’s office or will get excited when driving by or going to the park – why wouldn’t the pet know a familiar body part is missing? Would he know if his foot was cut off? Of course he would – its [sic] only common sense.

I can believe the part about pet owners who wouldn’t have their pet neutered without this product. This has much more to do with the owner than the pet. Talk about anthropomorphism.

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Check out the cute attachment for covering the anus of a short-tailed dog.


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