Misc Links 12/23/10

Child resists eating vegetablesCan Congress Make You Buy Broccoli? And Why That’s a Hard Question (NEJM)
Four reasons why it’s hard to answer this question. A legal opinion (12/23)

Doctor Arrested in Whistle-Blowing Case (NYT)
Doctor accused of practicing substandard medicine worked with his friend, the sheriff, to get nurses fired. Nurses vindicated. Doctor now out on bail. (12/23)

Medicine is not a Business (Drs for America)
Not all human endeavors should become the object of greed (12/23)

A Matter of Life or Death (NYT)
Editorial on the Catholic hospital that took the position: “Morally, ethically, and legally we simply cannot stand by and let someone die whose life we might be able to save.” (12/23)

Left Out (American Interest)
“Why has a significant increase in income inequality in recent decades failed to generate political pressure from the left for redistributional redress, as similar trends did in earlier times?” Francis Fukuyama enumerates possible answers. (12/23)

The Blast Shack (webstock)
Beautifully written discourse on WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, Monica Lewinsky, Julian Assange. By cyberpunk science fiction author Bruce Sterling. (12;23)

What Happened to the Future? (Economic Word)
Google Labs’ Books Ngram Viewer. Lots of fun to play with. Try “bacteria” or “self help.” (12/23)

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