Music: Shakira, Michelle Shocked, Sacha Nairobi

Michelle Shocked

Source: Rolling Stone

Three more songs I used in class this week: Shakira for the first Circle song, Michelle Shocked for larger leg movements in Circle, and Sacha Nairobi for Across the floor.
The whole Michelle Shocked album (Short Sharp Shocked) is great. I use four songs from this album in classes, but When I grow up is my favorite.
See Tuesday’s post for details on the playbar, Amazon, and iTunes.

Shakira – Antologia

From the album Pies Descalzos
Circle One (4:14)
This is slow and gentle, so it works well for Circle One.
Play: Shakira – Antologia

It’s also on iTunes:
Shakira - Pies Descalzos - Antologia
You can hear the entire song on YouTube. There are many versions. Here is a live concert performance.

Michelle Shocked – When I grow up

From the album: Short Sharp Shocked
Circle Two (3:34)
Play: Michelle Shocked – When I grow up
The song isn’t available for download from Amazon. They only have the CD.

You can get the MP3 track of the song from iTunes.
Michelle Shocked - Short Sharp Shocked  - When I Grow Up
You may know this song from a Kaiser commercial. I’ve been meaning to use this video in a post on aging, but haven’t written it yet. It has a great attitude and is really worth watching.

You can hear the entire song on YouTube: When I grow up

Sacha Nairobi – Princesa

From the Putumayo album: Radio Latino
Across the floor (3:03)
This is a fun song, good for Circle Two or Across the floor.
Play: Sacha Nairobi – Princesa

iTunes also has the MP3.
Sacha Nairobi - Sacha Nairobi - Princesa
You can listen to the whole song on YouTube: Princesa
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