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The Spleen in Chinese Medicine

Source: Institute for Traditional Medicine The philosophy that informs Chinese Medicine is very different from the science that determines Western medicine. These two cultures do not start from the same assumptions about what it means to be healthy. Those who dismiss Asian medicine as being of no value fail to take this into account. You… Read more


Still useful after all these years: The spleen

Source: danielle2 While some anatomical organs are dismissed as totally unnecessary (see Still useful after all these years: The appendix), others are considered useful but dispensable. Consider the spleen. Located on the left side of the body, under the ribs and behind the stomach, the spleen is about five to six inches long and one… Read more


Still useful after all these years: The appendix

Source: Adventures in Honduras You can live without an appendix, true, but you should no longer think of this “vestigial” organ as a useless part of your anatomy. The appendix is finally getting the respect it deserves. We have ten times as many bacteria in the body as we have cells (and we have 10,000,000,000,000… Read more